Month: June 2019


CHAMPIONS! What an extraordinary game last night! Congratulations @Raptors for winning our first @NBA Championship Game! Truly grateful to have witnessed the drive and teamwork from the players, the coaches, the organization, and of course from the fans. And what a celebration we had!

No matter the sport, Toronto fans are truly unique, and when we stand proud behind our players and team! Toronto fans can make any player/team so unique that it can’t be replicated anywhere else. Last night was no exception. To the fans, to the team, WE DID IT!


Sudan is currently in protest in the wake of a brutal crackdown. 100s of men, women, and children have been murdered, injured and assaulted. News stations around the world have yet to inform us, the viewers of the tragedy and many are relying on social media to get the word out.

We need to get #BlueForSudan trending to help spread the news about Sudan. Mohamed Mattar of Sudan was fatally shot while trying to protect two women. Mattar’s favourite colour is blue. To honour his memory, social media users are changing their profile pictures to blue as a show of solidarity.

I am sadden to hear about the unrest in Sudan and I pray that peace will return to the nation soon.

Capital Grant Deadline is Fast Approaching

Reminder to organizations that have registered for a Capital Grant through Trillium Foundation to submit your application for funding by June 12, 2019, 5 p.m. ET.

Any questions regarding Trillium Foundation Capital Grant should visit the website, or call the OTF Support Centre at 1 800 263-2887 any time Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. or by email at

Community stories : Brampton Bus Driver

This is why I love Toronto! Diversity is our strength! Brampton bus driver, Mike Landry enjoys his job & appreciates his passengers. Many of his commuters’ native language is Punjabi, and curiosity has led him to pick up a few words from his regular passengers.
Mike Landry is an example of embracing our growing multicultural city while providing outstanding customer service. Mike takes pride in his work by engaging with his core commuters and the community appreciate his professionalism and service. Thank you Mike!
You can read more about Mike’s story on CBC News Toronto by Shanifa Nasser. Photo by Martin Trainor.