It’s Time For Change

I’ve learned in life that sometimes winners aren’t the loudest in the room but the wisest. The 2018 municipal elections have been loud on many fronts and it challenged every person involved. It has taken a great deal for many of us to make it to election day and I applaud everyone who has chosen to run in this election.

I ran in this election with a purpose: to improve the well-being of my community and my city. During the election period, the province made a motion to cut council. As it shocked many people across the country, I stayed focused on the goal: to improve the well-being of my community and the city. After the council size announcement, I continued to knock on doors and changed my focus to helping everyone in our great city in our newly designed wards.

Toronto needs to change. It is apparent that our transit is behind and poverty is everywhere. The city continues to grow in population, and our transit system has failed to keep up with the demand. If you travel on a subway during rush hour, you can expect up to three trains to pass you before you board a very cramped train. This is not an acceptable means of transit from the 4th largest city in North America.

Many people work two jobs to cover the cost of living in this city and many people are a paycheque away from not being able to cover the cost of rent. For some, getting sick or a tragic event happen to them is not an option to go on leave and risk falling behind on bills. Poverty continues to rise and our city has failed to put forth a plan to reduce the size. As a result, we are all suffering.

I’ve dedicated the last several months to campaigning, and I plan to continue to work with the community and help improve the lives of as many residents as I can. The focus is clear; we need representation that not only cares about her community but also the wellbeing of the city.

Campaigning for better transit, safer communities and poverty doesn’t stop on election day. The dialogue continues until the issues are met with a plan of action and regular updates from the community are heard.

This task will not be an easy job for any councillor to take on while hearing from frustrated citizens while repairing 20+ years of backlogs in housing, transit, schools, etc. all the while the city continues to grow. It takes a strong leader, a smart team of people and community engagement to push the city into prosperity. It will not be easy, but I will fight to improve the lives of as many people as possible.

We need our city to move, to be safe, and to grow, and our current councillors have failed all of us. Now is the time for a new beginning. I hope that with a reduced council will allow city hall to implement a plan to get the changes needed in these three particular areas.

Our city has a wide range of issues, but if we can’t travel efficiently and our residents don’t feel safe and are struggling to make ends meet, then we are doomed to fail in other areas that are in need.

Every vote matters. Make your voice heard. Show your support and vote for me, Gladys Larbie on Election Day.