Let’s Be Real Part 3

We need safer communities. Let’s acknowledge the fact that police in Toronto are understaffed, overworked, and underpaid. Why should a Toronto P.O. deal with triple the size of people and issues when neighbouring towns get paid the same and deal with less? How can we have community care when the city isn’t protecting the men and women that serve to protect us?

How can police officers stop/ criminalize drug users when we put yellow boxes and safe injection sites on major streets and parks?

Now we banned P.O.s from wearing their uniform at Pride Parade? Why is the city stepping back when we need to step up?

We have real issues and it’s hard to protect the community when we are failing to protect one another.

It’s very similar to at risks youth. We want our youth to succeed but we are failing to provide them with the tools and prevent them from getting involved with gangs.

There’s too much gang activity and it’s perceived as a normal way of life in many parts of the city. Schools are deteriorating and books are not up-to-date. Why should they stay in school when the building looks neglected and falling apart? Is that what we think of our kids? If we can’t fix schools, how can we get kids to believe that we care about them?

Let’s be real and address the reasons why we are all unsafe in this city. Let’s bring change to city hall. Change that will acknowledge and address these issues.