Death Political Crawl

Canvasing, promoting my platform, hearing feedback on community issues, while dealing with ward changes has been tough on me and everyone involved. I get asked a lot more about the size of the ward implications for me more than ward issues and how I can help the community.

What has it been like to campaign during these unknown times?

Going up against incumbents and different well known community leaders?

The downtown core hasn’t seen anyone with your stance of leading in a long time. Good luck.

The downtown core hasn’t seen anyone like you running ever, good luck.

One youth from the MLSE Lauchpad community sports program asked me how have I been handling the situation. I told him that it’s like the political version to the football movie, “Facing the Giants”. The scene where the footballer puts a 140lb Jeremy (later we find out he actually weighs 160lbs) on his back, and crawls blindfolded across the entire field (100 yards). In the movie, the coach told the footballer that he would crawl 50 yards.

I have no idea the weight being put on my back or the surprises that have been and continue to come my way during this election, but giving up is not an option. Toronto Centre needs a strong leader that will go the extra mile during times of uncertainty. I don’t want to be the 50 yard individual running for City Councillor, I want to be the strong, 100 yards with 160lbs on my back representative for Toronto Centre.

The city has real and hard issues that has been neglected for far too long. I am focused on community involvement and feedback, so that we as a community, can make it across the field as an example of a successful new ward under the 25 model.