Thank You Candidates

Thank you to all those who have engaged in the opinion piece earlier this week. I was impressed with the responses in general and I do like to keep an open mind when hearing and engaging with the community.

Shout outs to the candidates that put their name forward under the 25 ward in July. I think that those who registered during the initial release of the new model and campaigned, has showed a lot of courage.

The race hasn’t been easy for candidates; with the announcement of reduction, the protesting, the legal battles and the confirmation of ward size. I think it shows a true testament to those that put their name forward initially and stayed true to the path. I wasn’t happy with the council slashing, but it didn’t stop me, or others for announcing their intentions to run under the 25 model.

I think the elections has shown members of the public, the people who went against the slashing, legally fought against the slashing, and then ultimately put their names forward, question who’s interests are they serving.

The members of the public watched candidates’ friends turn into foes. Looked on to see who served to help their friends’ get elected and then ultimately toss them aside. Questioning: is that a leader I want to represent me?

City Council is bipartisan, so many candidates stayed silent during the protest. And rightfully so. It’s in our democratic society to protest and I won’t stop an individual from protesting under the law. I wrote the opinion piece to start a conversation about the province powers over the city and my overall take on protesting the issue. I don’t condemn protesting. I felt that the council slashing protest view needed to be said during the mist of the chaos. I applied for City Council in Toronto Centre and the last thing I want to do is tell someone to not protest or for people to attack me for their right to protest what they feel is unjust.

Looking back, I would have personally liked to have seen a protest and legal proceedings for an immediate referendum rather than a protest stoping a government in charge of overseeing municipalities. Members of the community who showed up to vote for or against would do so. Will there be many voters who stay home? Possibly. The voters that stay home are not silent in the matter. Staying silent also speaks volumes. Suggesting that maybe they just want a representative to do their job.