Affordable Housing

Affordable housing in Toronto is a major issue that needs to be addressed quickly with involvement from all three levels of government. Upon my meeting with community members as well as regular research online, I have been impressed with housing intiatives that are currently in placed around the world.

In Detroit, Tiny Homes Detroit has created beautiful rent to own homes for people with low income that want to have a place of their own. This initiative is great and low cost to build, is an excellent example of sustainable affordable living.
Read more about Tiny Homes Detroit Here.


Another alternative for housing that I think would be great for Transitional housing is Shipping Container Apartments. This alternative will also be quick, as well as low cost to build. Poverty and homelessness is on the rise in our community and I think that our city would be better shape if we could help all who live here.  Retired TTC subway cars can also be used for this innovative housing initiatives.

To read more about Shipping Container Apartments, you can read the article from here.

As well as Apartments For Homeless Article from Business Insider here.