25 for 25

Premier Doug Ford proposes to change the size of Toronto City Councillors to 25 members.

The downsize will save the city $25 million over four years.
25 Councillors with the same boundaries as the Federal and Provincial Government will allow for easier communication between government. 
25 Councillors will make it easier to be heard and get things accomplished at city Hall. 
I am in agreement with the proposed changes to City Council size and will run in Toronto centre. 
Will you stand with me in agreement with the proposed changes? 
There are candidates and councillors that oppose the changes, and are challenging the government for fear of losing their job, or worse, actually working for the people. 
Help me fight back and get our city, the fourth largest in North America, back to working with the people and for the people. 
Pledge today $25.00 for 25 councillors and let’s get our city moving again. Click here to submit your pledge of $25
Thank you.