Month: June 2018

Pride Flag Colour Stripe Meaning

Gay Rights Activist Gilbert Baker designed the Pride flag in 1978 and is used throughout the world. Did you know each colour stripe has a different meaning?

According to Baker’s estate, each stripe has a different meaning: Red represents life; orange is for healing; yellow is for sunlight; green is for nature; blue is for harmony; and purple is for spirit.

If you would like to learn more about the Pride flag and it’s origins, visit Instyle online and read, “Each Stripe of the Rainbow Flag has a coded meaning”

Today and everyday, let’s celebrate Pride with PRIDE!

Toronto Municipal Elections On October 22, 2018

On October 22, 2018, the City Of Toronto will host their Municipal Elections. I, Gladys Larbie will be running for City Council member in Ward 21. Make sure to cast your vote for your next Toronto Mayor, City Council Member, and TDSB Trustee. For more information, please check back regularly on my webpage: as well as

Every vote matters. Your vote matters. Vote on October 22.

Toronto Ranked Worst City in North America For Commute

If you are a Torontonian or you regularly visit the 416, this news shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Research firm Expert Marketing recently conducted the survey and ranked Toronto #1 as worst commute in North America.

The staggering wait times and delays on public transit with mounting traffic and congestion continues to worsen over the years. Gladys Larbie and Team Larbie is currently reaching out to fellow commuters in the 416 on how travel times in the city has affected their transportation to and from destinations and their overall life. We will be posting our recommendations on the website soon.

To read the full article posted on BlogTO, click on this link.